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The Big Little Things

Battenwear was born on a coffee table in Brooklyn, raised carefully in Manhattan's Garment District, and is now entering its teenage years in wilds of Topanga Canyon, California.

We, as its parents, have watched it and worried over it the past decade, and yelled at it, and been proud to share it with others.  We have grown with it and are changed by it.

As people like to say, time flies. But it can also really crawl, right? A day can pass in what feels like the blink of an eye, and just as often, an hour can feel like its barely moving.

We are seeking out the slow times right now. We are trying to keep our eye on the littlest chunks as well as the big picture. We are finding solace and bravery in the details. 

Here, at least in the United States, we are expecting many big, important, fast moments in the coming months. 

The election of course. And one has to wonder what the virus will do to us in  fall and winter. The potential for major natural disaster also seems huge, from the seemingly unending hurricane calendar to the super-charged fire season. And the need for social change is truly immense, sparking fires and storms of its own.

As we jump into this sea of change, our intention to go in remembering to catch the small, slow moving moments and take the time to focus on details. To listen to both the beats and the silences in the music of what comes next.

And when we feel powerless, we will focus on our job and what we do best. There are much more important things than clothes in the world right now, but maybe the most important of all is for everyone to keep making good things to share with others. 

Remember to keep in touch and let us know how you are doing, wherever you are and wherever you take your Battenwear next.


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