Down to Earth: Battenwear Fall/Winter 2020 is coming soon!

 It is a lovely pause, remembering life as it was back when we designed the Fall/Winter 2020 collection. It was early fall 2019, and we we were planning great trips for business and for family. We had travel on the brain and were focused on creating the best possible clothing and gear for our upcoming adventures. That was to be the theme of this collection: jumping time zones, exploring new cities, escaping into new wilds. 

The months that came to follow, no one could have expected them. And still, for us at least, real travel is not likely for some time now. But, if there is one thing this past year has taught us, it is that everyday life can be adventure enough sometimes. 

Thank goodness that our 2019 focus on travel meant that we made everything in the Battenwear Fall/Winter 2020 collection to be extra comfortable. Like, you have to live in the same outfit through several airports and maybe a ferry, kind of comfortable. Like, you keep pulling the same shirt out of your bag even though you have two cleaner spares, because it fits just right, kind of comfortable.

As we have been taking this collection from design to actual products throughout the last 6 months--albeit in starts and stops as our vendors and factories have shut, reopened, reduced capacity, and bravely marched on--we have been getting more and more excited to actually get to wear the FW20 gear and steep ourselves in that travel-ready level of comfort. 

Never before has the name "Active Lazy Pants" held so much meaning for us, and we're the ones who came up with it. The ALPs, like so many of the items in this collection, go perfectly from couch to impromptu lawn football with neighbors, to walk down to the climbing tree with kids, to work, through the trenches of homeschooling, back to the couch, back to planning our next adventure. 

The collection also, fortunately, has lots of the usual functional details Battenwear has become known for: great pockets, gussets in the right places for ease of movement, thoughtful construction.

To be honest, we have no idea what the world will bring us next. But, if nothing else, we feel very fortunate to have somehow come up with the perfect gear to wear to get through us the rest of 2020 and beyond. We're excited to share it with you soon. 


styling by Yusuke Murakami, photography by Takashi Imai, hair by Harumi Ikenaga. THANK YOU!





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