Battenwear Spring/Summer 2022: DECADE ONE


The goal of Battenwear, ever since it came to life on Manhattan Garment District sewing tables in 2012, has always been to take the best from the last 50 years of American outdoor- and sports- gear, and mix these elements together with contemporary fabrics and cuts.


While designing, we typically rely partly on nostalgia—tapping into the need that so many of us have to remember how wonderful clothes were when we were younger. We also rely on our customers' interest in the building blocks of clothing and the history of certain details. Most of all, we rely on our customers' (and our own) need for new and fresh and exciting fashion. As such, we have created Battenwear to sit at the apex between classic and contemporary, form and function, outdoor and city.


As we started planning our 10th year anniversary collection for Spring/Summer 2022, we were incredibly pleased to realize that we now have not only the past 50 years of American outdoor/sportswear to gain inspiration from, but also our own past 10 years (23 collections!). We have discovered what our customers like and look for, and we have finetuned combinations of fabrics and details to hit the spot.


This anniversary Spring/Summer 2022 collection is, in part, a chance to flex our muscles and show how far we’ve come during our first decade. More importantly, though, it is a chance to show how true we’ve stayed to our original goal. At the end of decade one, all we still want is to make well-constructed, great-looking items that our customers will want to wear, both in the city and in the great outdoors, for years to come.


Please join us on this occasion to celebrate DECADE ONE of Battenwear. The adventure has just begun.






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