What do Carl Sagan, Pharrell, and Shinya have in common?

Does everyone know that Pharrell Williams is a huge Carl Sagan fan? Is that common knowledge? I mean, it makes sense, right? Because, who doesn’t love Carl? We certainly do. Battenwear designer, Shinya Hasegawa, grew up idolizing him, and still attributes much of his science-related trivia to childhood nights spent in front of the TV, watching a Japanese language version of Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. 

Anyhow, as it turns out, Pharrell Williams loves Carl A LOT, and that’s why he wanted a Battenwear Travel Shell Parka. Because no one does Orange Parka like we do. We can’t tell you how happy this made us. I mean, having Pharrell sport Battenwear is cool enough, but having Pharrell wear Battenwear because it reminds him of a mutual childhood hero? Hell, yes!!


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