At Battenwear, we use corduroy as a staple fabric all year round, and we particularly love it for cold weather gear.

Of course, we’re not alone in that. Corduroy has long been a go-to fabric for mountain climbers and outdoor explorers. Thick and soft, it helps keep a body cozy whether you’re enjoying a winter hike through the woods or braving your way through the snow to the nearest subway station. 



Added bonus: the corduroy ridges can help trap body heat, which is why we use it for the collar and to line the hand warming pockets of the Utility Jacket. 

While it’s most famous for durability and warmth, we also love corduroy for its looks. Like most of the fabrics we choose, corduroy gains character with each wear and wash. Because the nap shifts in unique ways, the eventual texture of the fabric depends on how you use the garment. We like to think that your adventures etch a kind of map into the corduroy. 



As for our favorite wale? It depends! The term “wale” refers to how many ridges per inch the corduroy fabric has. We’re tempted to say that 14-wale is our all time favorite because that’s the wale on our beloved corduroy pants and jackets from the 1970’s. Indeed, it was our love of vintage gear that led us to choose the 14-wale for our Five-Pocket Canyon Shirt and Zip Trucker this season. 



But we also like the thicker wales for warmth, like the 8-wale we used for our Dock Pants and Field Cap. (The idea being that you’ll probably add an extra layer under or over our tops, but for the pants and hats, we want to make sure you’re as warm as possible without any additional protection.) 



Whatever the wale, Battencords want to be there for your next adventure. 


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