Proper Magazine Issue 16

$ 13.00

As Proper reaches its adolescence with issue 16, its contributors reach back into their own teenage years, tracing the roots of scally style.


- Extensive, exclusive interview with adidas aficionado Gary Aspden, who talks us through his trip to Buenos Aires and provides us with similarly exclusive pictorial evidence. A must read.

- Interview with founder of cult terrace brand Dupe and now the driving force behind Uniformes Generale, Adam Creed.

- Ever wondered what they did with the Iron Curtain when they brought it down? A Russian brand named GJOE made loads of space age acid jackets out of it. We've got the inside track.

- There Will Be Hood - #COATS with #HOODS. We couldn't be more predictable if we tried.

- Too Hot... Purveyors of the best of 1990s style Too Hot have done us an exclusive shoot which is perhaps the coolest thing we've ever put in our magazine.

- Oi Polloi... Ardwick Green. Another exclusive shoot and some words on why Mancunian institution Oi Polloi have insisted on the return of a classic shoe with a brand new name.

- The Rise of the Johnhead. Prolific Internet Marksman @DanielSandison has written about Liverpool's latest scally subculture.

- Goretex, Drugs and Rock 'N' Roll. Stories from behind (and in front) of the stage.

- Scally Sinner Men. Casuals author Phil Thornton firms up with Josh Parkin and Peter O'Toole to create the definitive seven ages of scally.

It's not to be missed isn't it?