Gary LLC

GaryGloves "Fancy Gloves" Set, Gold

$ 120
Recently, one of our team members at Battenwear launched his own brand, inspired by mail-order catalogs from the 1950s and 60s, and we're proud to offer items from this collection on This season, Gary LLC offers a set of warm and durable winter gloves with a vintage twist. This box set includes a pair of rough-out steerhide gloves, a pair of wool/nylon liner gloves, a jar of Sno Seal waterproofing treatment, and an aromatic sachet to keep the package fresh. 
  • Strap adjuster on leather gloves can adjust fit at wrist
  • Leather gloves and wool gloves can be worn together or separately
  • Wool gloves are made to US military specifications
  • Sno Seal leather treatment can be applied to greatly increase weatherproofness of leather gloves
  • Aromatic sachet filled with Palo Santo wood can also be burned as incense
  • High-quality leather box can be reused for storage
  • Leather gloves: 100% steerhide leather, rough side out
  • Wool gloves: 70% wool, 30% nylon

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