Pocket Rugby Shirt / Ash Grey

$ 129.50 $ 185

As established by Patagonia in the 1970s, the classic rugby shirt is as well suited for climbing and outdoor adventuring (due to its durable fabric and comfortable shape) as it is for the rugby field. You may or may not know that the Battenwear team are rugby enthusiasts in addition to being outdoorsniks, and we spent most of our high school years collecting rugby shirts and putting them to all kinds of tests. We're delighted to present Battenwear's own Rugby Shirt, tried and tested, and one of the items we continue to be most excited about. 

Note: The grey color will be slightly darker like the close up fabric picture. 


  • true to size


  • chest pocket
  • twill collar

    Material Description: 12-oz Cotton Jersey (100% Cotton)


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