Small Zip Pouch / Denim Blue

$ 11.90 $ 17

We find ourselves increasingly reliant on small bags to keep the happy jumble of our lives straight. A Zip Pouch with bit of cash, a credit card, and a drivers license, attached to our belt loop or pack strap, is key for our hikes and other day adventures. Our accessory cords and plugs get stored in these bright pouches in our living room and desktops. Hand sanitizer & small toys for the restaurant wait, eye drops & chapstick for the airplane? Zip POUCH 'em! Happy organizing.

Dimensions: 5" wide x 4" tall

Detail Highlights:

  • reflective zipper drawcord to spot easily at night time
  • plastic hook for easy hanging
  • Battenwear & Made In USA labels

        FABRIC: Cotton 8 oz Denim (100% Cotton)

        ITEM HISTORY: New fabric for ongoing Battenwear favorite

        MADE IN USA

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