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1: Field Cap-Black, Eitherway Warmer-Horse Farm, Camp Shirt-Blue/Brown Plaid, Shearling Cutter Jacket-Indigo Broken Denim, Field Trousers-Olive Drab



2: Field Cap-Deer Embroidery, Eitherway Bag-Forest Green/Forest Green, Reversible Camper Jacket-Olive/Ivory, Reach Up Sweatshirt-Ivory, Field Trousers-Olive Drab



3: Field Cap-Stonewashed Indigo, Warm Up Fleece-Camel, Camp Shirt-Heather Navy, Warm Up Fleece Pants-Camel

4: Snowday Beanie-Orange, Gym Jacket- Heather Grey, Camp Shirt-Heather Mustard, Bouldering Pants-Stonewashed Indigo

5: Field Cap- Navy Bull Denim, Promenade Parka-Navy, Camp Shirt-Navy/Black Plaid, Long Sleeve Polo Tee-Navy, Eitherway Bag-Old Navy/Navy



6: Travel Cap-Khaki Corduroy, Batten Down Vest-Olive Drab, Long Sleeve Polo Tee- Heather Grey, Pleated Woodsman Pants-Stonewashed Indigo


7: Travel Cap-Khaki Corduroy, Travel Shell Parka-Khaki, Lodge Vest-Navy, Work Shirt-Olive, Pleated Woodsman Pants-Navy Wool Flannel

8: Scout Anorak-Forest Green, Warm Up Fleece-Horse Farm, Garage Shirt-Charcoal Wool Flannel, Bouldering Pants-Navy Bull Denim




9: Shearling Cutter Jacket-Khaki Corduroy, Day Hiker-Forest Green, Long Sleeve Polo Tee-Navy



10: Field Cap-Navy Bull Denim, Batten Down Parka-Black, Camp Shirt-Heather Navy Flannel, Long Sleeve Polo Tee-White, Field Trousers-Navy Bull Denim



11: Snowday Beanie-Black, Zip Off Insulated Pullover-Black, Long Sleeve Polo Tee-Black, Eitherway Bag-Black/Black



12: Promenade Parka-Camel, Warm Up Fleece-Ivory, Reach Up Sweatshirt-Navy, Field Trousers-Olive Drab



13: Reversible Camper Jacket-Teal/Navy, Camp Shirt-Heather Mustard Flannel, Long Sleeve Polo Tee-Heather Grey, Warm Up Fleece Pants-Camel



14: Snowday Beanie-Navy, Northfield Parka-Navy, Day Hiker-Orange, Reach Up Sweatshirt-Ivory, Trail Shirt-Khaki Corduroy, Field Trousers-Olive Drab