Please note: Bivouac will be closed for appointments and phone orders from Monday, 2/8/16 through Sunday, 2/28/16. We will reopen on Monday, 2/29/16. Our online store will remain open and online orders will be shipped as normal. Please email with any questions -- and thank you!

Bivouac (noun biv·ouac \ˈbi-və-ˌwak, \ ˈbiv-ˌwak): A temporary camp or shelter

Battenwear is pleased to announce the launch of its brick and mortar store, Bivouac, in Manhattan’s garment district. The store is named after the temporary, rudimentary camps created by mountain climbers to provide a much needed moment of relaxation, civilization, and comfort during an arduous ascent.

Just as a climbing bivouac serves to provide an escape during an adventure up the side of a mountain, Battenwear’s Bivouac—located on the 16th floor of a typically over-crowded office/factory building in one of New York City’s busiest neighborhoods—was created to serve as a welcome outdoors-inspired retreat from the bustle and grind of city life. Guests are invited to camp out in Bivouac for a much needed break . . . read old climbing, hiking, and surf magazines, flip through an excellent collection of vintage outdoor clothing and bags, and try on the latest Battenwear gear and accessories. 

    Also similar to a climbing bivouac, Battenwear’s store is purposefully compact and, in its isolation far up above the grime and gristle of the city, designed to generate a peaceful atmosphere. As such, we ask that guests please make an appointment before stopping by so that each Bivouac experience can be as fun and relaxing as possible.

    Bivouac is open for appointments Monday through Friday, from 11:00am to 6:00pm. To make an appointment, please email BIVOUAC@BATTENWEAR.COM with your preferred date and time. We will get back to you within one business day with more info about your appointment.

    We are also proud to carry select products from like-minded, best-quality brands. Items from these companies are available in Bivouac only, and by phone or email order. Contact us at for more info!