The Battenwear Fall/Winter 2018 collection is outdoor adventure clothing made for independent-minded city dwellers.

Over the last several years, we’ve been gratified to learn that many Battenwear fans are also avid vinyl, vintage, and/or art collectors. It makes a lot of sense that the people who wear Battenwear are the same people who research trends and gems, always going deeper to find the things that speak to them personally. Battenwear customers are informed by years of experience understanding what they like and what suits them best. They are connoisseurs of the authentic.

Long before he founded Battenwear in 2011, our designer, Shinya Hasegawa, would have been a natural target for the brand, and the FW18 collection in particular. As a young man in Japan, he became a student of the history of American outdoor clothing, global military gear, and streetwear. He studied the Ivy trend as it grew in Tokyo, and the Heavy Duty Ivy trend that influenced his cohort of rugby players, climbers, and surfers. He sent away for catalogues and collected, mixing and matching to make his own style.

Flash forward to 2018, on the eve of launching Battenwear’s 16th collection, and this is what Shinya has to say: “A person’s relationship with their clothing should be similar to their relationship with close friends and family. My favorite gear from high school and college are still in my closet. I plan to still be wearing all my favorite Battenwear pieces decades from now. That’s why I choose fabric that will grow better with time. And that’s why I focus so much on authentic construction and details that will deepen each wearer’s experience with Battenwear.”

Battenwear Fall/Winter 2018 is a showcase of what Shinya and the brand do best. Our Batten-Down Parka and Vest, as well as many other styles, are made in an American milled 60/40, a material which it is sure to age well, developing new traits and characteristics for years to come. The collection also boasts a limited release Lodge Cardigan in a high loft, vintage-inspired fleece. Also keep an eye out for the brand new 5 Pocket Canyon Shirt, a winterized version of our time-tested 5 Pocket Island Shirt; a bold reiteration of our Tracksuit, featuring a 1990’s style Battenwear logo embroidered tape on the sleeves and legs; and returning favorites such as the Active Lazy Pants, Utility Jacket, and Bouldering Pants, all in great new fabrics.

Battenwear is offering the Fall/Winter 2018 collection in sizes XXS through XXL. Although we consider Battenwear UNISEX, the sizes are based on a standard American grading rule for men's clothing, and we have often, but by no means always, found that women choose XXS - S for tops and XS - M for bottoms. Let us know if you need help picking a size!