The Great Long Getaway

Battenwear presents a capsule Summer Vacation 2018 collection: a lineup of comfortable, handsome essentials to keep you fresh for your summer adventures.

Our credo when crafting this capsule: Adventure doesn’t always mean pure escape. Island retreats and big trips to foreign cities are so lovely, but sometimes the simplest way to get into a summer state of mind can be found through a new perspective on your everyday existence. Summer’s long days and hot nights mean we can slow down and appreciate the first rays of sun as they fill the sky with radiant color, the pop of grass as it escapes the weight of a night’s dew, long lunches, mini surfing or hiking breaks, the first breath of hot outside air after a day spent in air conditioning.

We began this capsule collection thinking of what we most wanted to wear during the peak of summer, from early morning adventures to the water's edge to early evening cool downs between beers and chirping crickets. In this soul-cooling array of colors and fabrics, you’ll find new iterations of long-standing Battenwear favorites, including the Polo Tee, Trek Shorts, Active Lazy Shorts, Bucket Hat, and Travel Cap as well as freshly crafted gear, like the Beach Parka, Zuma Shirt, and Mesh Tote. Each item was crafted with an eye towards durability, the most interesting details, and breathable fabrics. We want you to stay cool while looking cool and, when the fall chill finally sets in, think back on the stunning adventures Summer 2018 brought you while you lovingly fold up your Battenwear hot weather gear for the next time the thermometer starts tipping towards HOT.

Battenwear is made for the adventure, wherever it may take you.