Five Pocket Island Shirt / Dark Indigo

$ 175 $ 250

There’s no doubt that the traditional, ultra-cool four-pocket Cuban guayabera is comfortable and convenient for easy-access storage. And the Hawaiian shirt is the height of laid back fun. The Battenwear Five-Pocket Island Shirt is the perfect marriage of the two. The fifth pocket? We added this for early morning subway rides to New York's Rockaway Beach--it's just the right size for a metro card . . . and a $5 bill so you can get your cup of coffee and a snack from the bodega before hitting the waves.

Fabric Notes: This fabric is milled on a 1970's era Japanese machine known for its natural, textured slub, and it is dyed using a natural indigo. The combination of the type of weave and the type of dye results in this fabric having really memorable texture--light and airy, but also complex. Bleeding likely for the first couple of washes!


  • boxy fit
  • true to size
  • Model is 178 cm / 68 kg (5’10” / 150 lbs) and wears size M

Detail Highlights:

  • Battenwear label on side of left waist pocket
  • two chest pockets
  • two waist pockets
  • small fifth pocket inside the right waist pocket
  • flat fell seams
  • square hem with slit at side seams
  • slit on sleeve hems
  • BatTENwear 10th Anniversary main label



ITEM HISTORY: Ongoing Battenwear favorite


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