Golf Jacket, Mango Plaid

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The Golf Jacket was made in honor of those among us who have looked out onto a glassy, flat, waveless ocean and thought, “Now what am I going to do today?” While you’re trading in your surfboard for your golf clubs, the Battenwear Golf Jacket will keep you looking good and feeling energized. With its drop shoulder and roomy shape, it has a great 1990's feel.  

Fabric Notes:

We love Madras and are very excited to be using an India based mill/factory for the 3 items in our Madras SS20 capsule). Please note that we chose this fabric in part because of its  imperfections. The way that the fabric is dyed means that some bleeding occurs (although of course we wash the fabric before sewing the garments to minimize this issue for the wearer). In addition, the surface of the fabric is not uniform--it often has bumps and ridges and runs from the way the cotton is spun and woven. We love this about the fabric, but we also wish to give a "heads up" to anyone who is not familiar with madras, so that they are not surprised by the material's eccentricities. 


  • drop shoulder
  • roomy fit
  • true to size
  • elastic at waist and cuffs

Detail Highlights:

  • button chin strap with keeper button
  • angle entry button closure hand pockets
  • two way zipper on front
  • Battenwear logo at bottom left

FABRIC: Madras Plaid (100% Cotton)


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