Bouldering Pants, Cedar

$ 225.00
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  • Bouldering Pants, Cedar
  • Bouldering Pants, Cedar
  • Bouldering Pants, Cedar
  • Bouldering Pants, Cedar
  • Bouldering Pants, Cedar
  • Bouldering Pants, Cedar

Bouldering Pants, Cedar

$ 225.00
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At Battenwear, we like gear. Even when we're not planning to do much more than climb the subway stairs or chase down a taxi, we like to know that we could be ready, on a moment's notice, for a full-on escape into the wilderness. The Battenwear Bouldering Pants, in other words, are our everyday pants. (And considering how many people have bought one pair and come back for the rest of the colors, we're thinking they might be your everyday pants too.) Made to be able to scale cliffs and hop chasms, these pants are super utilitarian, durable, and practical. More often than not, just feeling ready for anything is the first step down the road to adventure.

Please note: these pants have been garment washed, and the fabric has tightened up similarly to the way denim shrinks. If you purchase your normal size, they may feel tight at first, but will loosen up with wear. They may continue to tighten and stretch with each wash/wear cycle, similar to blue jeans, but the fabric will ultimately relax and the fit will become stable. We think it's possible to obtain a comfortable fit either by buying your normal size and wearing them to stretch, or buying one size up for a looser fit.


  • prewashed
  • roomy feel but slim in appearance


  • mil-spec nylon belt with Battenwear logo
  • zip pockets and zip fly
  • reinforced knee and rear
  • crotch gusset
  • fit adjusted for comfort with deeper backside (updated from FW17)
  • back pocket shape improved (updated from FW17)
  • elastic ankle cuff (updated from FW17)


  • Military Back Sateen (100% Cotton)


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