After School: Spring/Summer 2019

Spring/Summer 2019, Battenwear's 17th collection, is a tribute to our teenage years in the 1980s. For us, the colors evoke the freedom of afternoons spent on the run from homework, the taste of after school snacks, losing hours in video game arcades, and long games of soccer and frisbee.  The style of many of the items in the collection have touch points from the eighties as well, including the drop shoulder on the Nylon Jump Jacket, and the pleats on our Nylon Jump Pants.

For this collection, we were very pleased to have the chance to work with a photographer we've been a fan of, Thana Brick and his talented team, including model PK. They took some favorite pieces from the collection and made a break for the beach in proper Manhattan kid after-school style . 

At Battenwear, with our archives of vintage clothing catalogs and outdoor magazines, we like to think that we study the past in order to invent the gear we want to wear today and tomorrow. Any given Battenwear item has a retro feel because its roots stretch deep into a rich history of American clothing and gear. However, the same item is also infinitely wearable, having been made with timeless style, thoughtful craftsmanship, and an eye always looking toward utility. 

It’s our goal that in 10 or 20 years, you’ll still be wearing your Battenwear for adventures, and that your kids, who may only have a murky sense of what the 80's might have been like, will begin borrowing your Battenwear to jump-start their own after school adventures.